Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rumor Mills Redux

In Anatomy of an internet rumor, on June 12th, I discussed the blogosphere's illiterate reaction to a Daily Telegraph article on Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, 1/2 of Led Zeppelin, playing live with the Foo Fighters on June 7th.

Speaking of Led Zeppelin, The Daily Telegraph mentioned "… their hugely successful reunion … at London's O2 centre in December." They went on to say, "In an interview after that concert, Page said the band were ready to reunite and perform more live events."

Obviously, the Daily Telegraph meant that Page was interviewed after the December concert, but edited it so badly that it appeared to mean he was interviewed after the recent (June 7th) Foo Fighters gig.

Blogs went blog wild over the rumor. For instance, Blabbermouth said, "According to Aislinn Simpson of UK's Telegraph, guitarist Jimmy Page stated in a brand new interview over the weekend that LED ZEPPELIN is ready to reunite and perform more live events."

Today, in an interview with BBC Radio 6 music, John Paul Jones said, "Nobody spoke to the Daily Telegraph after the Foo Fighters’ show, sorry Daily Telegraph."

Just thought I'd mention it.

Not that it will do any good regarding rumors. I mentioned the piece on a Led Zeppelin message board I'm on and one response was to quote the Telegraph article and contrast the wording of the BBC Radio 6 music article. The Telegraph said more "shows" were confirmed, you see, and BBC Radio 6 said that the prospect of "a tour" was being quashed. Perhaps "quashing tour rumors" is tantamount to "confirming show rumors"?

Well... no...?

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