Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let the Sunshine In

A woman's work is never done. Yesterday I came home and mopped the solar cell array on the roof. Ah, 21st Century, how I waited for you... and you gave me this.

It was utterly filthy with a sort of London Brand black soot or smut that wouldn't shift with a hose and soap alone. I should get a couple more kilowatt hours a day out of it now.

If you're wondering what the man of the house was doing - perhaps twenty-first centurily eating protein pills and flying around with his jet pack - he was actually on the roof too, fencing it against wild animals. Plus ca change there too.

It's true the wild animals are raccoons, but when they've fallen 10 feet into the atrium and can't climb out again they are like compact cornered bears. They regularly hold Fight Club meetings on the flat roof and I suspect it's the losers who fall off the beams into the house as they are wobbling off home.

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