Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More gym news!

Back to the gym today, so I've now managed to keep this up for at least a week. Good going! There were still two 45 pound plates on the incline leg press, of course. This time I decided that, in the interests of a) not being arsed enough to take them off and b) steadily increasing the weight I use, I left them on.

It turns out that 90 pounds here or there doesn't make much difference to legs, so I managed ok. That was the good result. The bad result was I'd forgotten that if I was to be true to my own principles, I still had to take the plates off the machine when I'd finished. So I had to unload the machine after exercise instead of before. Typical!

Since I go late in the evening, there's always a couple of women there spreading dirty water on the dressing room floor with a filthy mop. Today she started out using a vacuum cleaner with a metal attachment to make hideous scraping noises on the tiles before going on to spreading the dirty water around. I let it dry a bit before I had a shower. I always use the same shower in there, and the drain is always blocked. I've given up avoiding it on the grounds that if the owners don't care, I don't see why I should. There's another drain a few feet away that the water eventually goes down, so it's not like it ends up in the chiropractors next door or something. It gets about four inches deep before it starts to drain. Incidentally, it was already blocked when I last had a bout of going to the gym, last October. Soon we'll be able to celebrate the drain blockage's birthday.

First time I went there, another woman was looking suspiciously at the dirty-water-spreader and asked "What sort of disinfectant do you use?" and the mopper said, "Descaler". The customer clarified, "Any bleach or disinfectant?" and the mopper said, "Descaler is disinfectant." So now you know.

My SO read a review of this particular gym from a random internet type that said he had no idea how he got through a workout there without getting ringworm. I haven't got ringworm yet, either, but I did get a nasty rash a few years ago. I assume I'll get a verruca from the blocked drain one of these days.

On the other side of the equation, this gym really is very close to my house.

As I was leaving the membership checking guy was strumming an acoustic guitar and a customer was telling him a really fascinating tale of all the different strum patterns he knew. I bet guitar guy gets that a lot. Q: What acoustic guitar tunes do they play in a gym? A: Power ballads! I wrote that one myself.

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