Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I can haz Jimmy Page Doll

My Knucklebonz Jimmy Page collectors' figurine, or doll as we call it, has arrived. It's #212 out of 3000 and comes with nice aviator shades, boots and hat. It's authentically skinny. You can be sure that Jimmy will be having Jack Daniels, I mean tea, parties with Queen Amidala, Darth Maul and the rest of the dollies as soon as I can have it arranged.

Here's the rest of the crew. I knew you were wondering. Yes, I already have a Jimmy Page figure. Now I have two.

I hadn't realized my camera was so willing to rat on me to the web...it's put all its details onto Photobucket along with the pic. Wow. Luckily I've never told my camera my mother's maiden name. The camera reports that was 1/39 of a second at f/3.3. Who knew?

(Edit: the photo has been removed from Photobucket and placed here 07/17/17)


sjhart said...


Julie said...

I have that same Jimmy Page figure that's in your second shot. I'm using it/him for my 365 project on flickr. That means I get to spend copious amounts of time on YouTube researching suitable clips to go with each photo :)

Peromyscus said...

Nice photos, Julie! Good luck with the project. (Perhaps next you can ask to be Ross Halfin's assistant and photograph the original Jimmy Page for 365 days!)

Julie said...

Now there would be the dream job :)

Ronnie Heart said...

wow! i want one of those!


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