Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tired Eyes on the Sunrise

In a May post, Eyes That Shine Burning Red, I put up a number of screencaps from the Led Zeppelin movie The Song Remains the Same and used them to illustrate Jimmy Page's statement, "All my sections are related to the eyes, the eyes being the mirror of the soul."

The post ended by asking if anyone could think of other instances of "eyes" in the Jimmy Page parts of the movie. Steve A. Jones on the Led Zeppelin Official Forum quoted the post, and said, "Yes, I would add if you look very closely you can see an "All Seeing Eye" on the back of theshirt Jimmy is wearing when he turns to reveal his red eyes."
Absolutely true. I missed that. The shirt he's wearing is one of my faves. My most favorite shirt is the 1975 one which he's wearing in the famous picture of him upending a bottle of Jack Daniels - that is Teh Shirt. This one is Teh Other Shirt.
Here's Teh Other Shirt in TSRTS - you can just see the "eye in a pyramid" design on the back here.

Here's another shot of the back of Teh Other Shirt, this one taken with Bill Graham. Jimmy has a poorly hand (again). Poor thing.

The Eye in the Pyramid, or All-Seeing Eye, is often explained as being the eye of God. It's used on the Great Seal of the United States, and is on every dollar bill. People have said it's a Masonic symbol, or even a symbol of universal surveillance, e.g. by the Illuminati in their present day guise of The New World Order. Teh Other Shirt has a pattern of clouds, planets and stars all over it and may be a generic Illuminatus! woo-woo stuff shirt. Some people say the link goes back to the eye symbolism of the Ancient Egyptians. They might be right.

There's a series of photos of Jimmy Page at Sol Studio. He's wearing Teh Other Shirt and another All Seeing Eye - the Eye of Horus - on his undershirt. It's a remarkably well-thought ensemble for Jimmy, who wasn't known for his carefully matched accessorization.

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