Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lucky Charms

Two different on-stage lucky charm arrangements - Jimmy Page and Jack White, the latter evidently not a believer in less-is-more.

Instant Messaging with a friend produced the following profound dialogue on the two pictures:

Friend: Jack's wearing his lucky cutlery necklace.
Me: His lucky cutlery is much larger than Jimmy's sigil thing.
Friend: Is it larger? Or just more of it.
Me: Aren't those two the same thing? Puzzled smiley.
Friend: No, very different. More bits and pieces does not equal larger sigil. Just more.
Me: OK, after a careful comparison, Jack just has more, not larger.
Friend: Always wondered if that wasn't a coke spoon. But the necklace is too short for it to be useful.
Me: Perhaps it's like that story of heaven and hell.
Me: The original story is, heaven and hell are the same. You're at a table and your fork is longer than your arm. In hell, people try to feed themselves and starve. In heaven, people feed each other. Well, in rock'n'roll heaven, you use each other's short coke spoon.
Me: A modern parable!!!
Friend: That's romantic!
Me: It is isn't it.


Malia said...

You have strange friends.

Peromyscus said...

I'm thinking of turning them in for people who know how to cook eggs florentine. Know any?


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