Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More rants on our shrinking freedoms

Oh, and while I'm ranting:

In September 2007, I was telling my blog how pleased I was to become a citizen of the US. In January 2009, my government is telling the newsmedia that it tortures people. Not that it's been accused of it, or there's-a-fine-line-and-we're-good-guys-we-don't-cross-it, or ho-ho-nobody-calls-that-torture-it-hardly-even-tickles, or well-I-had-to-do-it-because-otherwise-he-would-have-blown-up-your-crippled-mother-and-your-puppy, just "yeah, we tortured the guy". Gee, thanks. (Obama's Torture Dilemma - Newsweek)

And back in Blighty, there's a move afoot to make buying a train ticket a contract that you agree to be searched by transport police. (Train Travel Only If You're Searched - Metro.)

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