Thursday, January 08, 2009

No Jimmy Page Tour - slightly more official

Regarding yesterday's post: OK, Music Radar wasn't lying. The BBC was uh, not accurate. Apparently the BBC are looking into it.

It was only yesterday that, according to BBC 6Music, Led Zeppelin were going to tour and record again. Today, however, they're not. We know this because Jimmy Page's manager Peter Mensch told us.

Joe Bosso finally makes it through a barrage of ice-tongued receptionists to the offices of Peter Mensch. The conversation went something like this:

JB: "Hey Pete, nice interview with the BBC, who's replacing Robert Plant, then?"
PM: "What interview? I haven't spoke to those guys for like four months or something."
JB: "So Led Zeppelin are not going to tour and record?"
PM: "No chance."
I want my Jimmy!


Julie said...

I want my Jimmy too. I really don't care who he plays with - just one more chance to see him play would be enough for me.

Although, a reunion tour would be the best.

Casey said...

Sigh. My fragile emotions can't take much more of this. I'm about to cancel my "Led Zeppelin tour" Google alert.


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