Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Dead Weather, Don Hill's, August 4 2010

I guess that wasn't the last ever Dead Weather show. For some reason they played to an invite-only crowd of 'hipsters' at Don Hills in New York on the 4th. Jackie Boy got pissed off at them acting like hipsters (one wonders what he expected) and produced another f-bomb rant that is all over the interwebs this morning. They're all getting it wrong, though - he doesn't say he'll pour their free drinks down their throats - that would be silly. He says they should pour their free drinks down their pants, which is much funnier. And the press has the timing of the ejection of the photographer wrong.

Because lo, even though Jack White is in a black mood with photographers, there's always someone out of his reach filming him, so here is the rant and the ejection in glorious blackandwhitenicolor. (NSFW)

The band looks completely exhausted. Well, except for Little Jack who I suspect isn't actually human, but some incarnation of a particularly R&B-inclined Hindu god.

The band have two major soap opera songs that I and a few friends watch to try to figure out the body language. One is the often violent I Can't Hear You, and one is the deeply intimate Will There Be Enough Water. Anyone who's seen a performance of the latter before can't miss the nuances in body language here, from the very first moment as Alison Mosshart looks at Jack's face to check his mood before she has to get close to him to get her drink.

A friend called that "painful to watch". Here's a much happier one. For Dead Weather values of "happy" which really don't match the ones in the dictionary.

This band is more fun than watching orcas at SeaWorld! But they really do need a rest. And anyway, that t shirt's worn out now, so I guess it's a good time to wrap it all up.

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