Thursday, September 09, 2010

Road Trip: Insomnia in Memphis

It's about five am - or three am my time - but I'm alarmingly awake and therefore have the brute force time to get pictures out of my cell phone camera (which stubbornly refuses to learn my email address) and on to the computer. (I didn't bring the big camera, which is good given Continental airlines' world class luggage mislaying capabilities.)

My brain is humming British pop, and although my traveling companion, Kali Durga, is quite dedicated to the Blues, I might have to switch the XM radio over to BBC Radio One in Lucifer on the next leg of our trip, from Memphis to Nashville.

Here's a grave marker from Clarksdale, Mississippi.

And a cypress stand from Tutwiler, Mississippi.

1 comment:

Mike said...

(Got a feeling you've already blogged about these things, but anyway...)
Insomnia? You need reading matter, like Page's autobiography: Phil Collins - his part in my downfall. At a £ per page, I'll wait for the paperback.
Meanwhile, Percy is obscurely smearing feedback.


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