Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pretty Little Demons Unknown Species, with Alison Mosshart (video)

Pretty Little Demons' new waxing, Unknown Species, features Alison Mosshart as what you might call a Lady Scientist.

I hadn't heard of them before this came up in my newsfeed and I have to say I'm impressed.  Apparently rock duo Lydia Night and Marhly Murphy are 13 and 11 respectively, which is young even by LA standards. (Weren't the Runaways 14 when they started?).  It's a great video, that I guess wasn't made by people of average age 12, and I have to say I like the Princess Pretty Little Demon's feet the as best of all the great images here. The song is actually a proper rock and roll length - the video is so long because it has an introduction by the Log Lady.

Speaking as a Lady Scientist myself, Alison Mosshart's microscope arrangement gave me neckache just watching it. Get a proper binocular scope made in the last fifty years or so and an adjustable chair. And do take your glasses off while you work. The microscope has its own lenses, non-scientist people! You don't have to wear glasses to see down one! If she keeps on with this set-up, she'll be in Health & Safety with neck strain filing for worker's compensation within a month. (Though HR will probably file a counterclaim that she did not disclose her coccygeal peculiarity before she was hired.)

Also, someone call Biomedical Engineering to get that buggy UV illuminator fixed. She's trying to do some work here, even if it does appear to involve throwing sugar at preteen demons who live on a microscope slide.

Truth in storytelling, folks.

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