Friday, May 09, 2014

Rough mix of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love available

Led Zeppelin will be releasing the first three albums in their remastered set on June 6th. I won't rewrite the entire press release, which is here. It sounds awesome.

I'm just popping up to say that an early rough mix of Whole Lotta Love is currently available for streaming, but if like me you don't know what streaming is, you can play it from YouTube. Or click below, same thing.

Warner didn't see fit to release it on YouTube in this country, so some other links to the tune don't work in the US. Uploader Przemek Joniak made this one available here, but Warner will probably take it down. Get it while it's fresh.

It's a good track to listen to to get you in the mood for the remasters. It's just different enough to hold your attention, and while you're caught up in it, you're reminded how much power Robert Plant had in his voice as a young man. It sends chills down your spine. Meanwhile the rest of the band do that thing where they are as heavy as a steamroller and yet as aerobatic as a paper plane. How did they do that?

The picture is Robert Knight's photo of the band landing Honolulu. They are holding the master tapes of Led Zeppelin II in their arms as they get off the plane. Hope Knight doesn't mind me using this small sepia version of his photo. See also: here.

Link to Knight's site: (I'm not embedding it as it auto plays loud music, so beware!)

Edited to add: In Rolling Stone's write up of this release, look at the top photo. Don't know what lens was  used but Page's hands look like an orang utan's. In real life they're the same size as JPJ's, to the left. Long fingers but more or less normal. 

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