Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Drop out with Peter Scott on Duck Call

I work in Southern California. I work here, in fact:

It has a certain charm. It's just over a mile to walk all around it, so today I did, reasoning that climbing the Stairway to Nowhere at the gym was inferior to ankling briskly under the wheeling Turkey Buzzards of the National Unreachable Wilderness area in which I find myself.

For some reason my iPoddy-thing (it doesn't have a name anyone would recognize and yet I don't feel I should call it an iPod for short in the same way all vacuum cleaners are hoovers), on random, decided to start playing the Bonzos' The Intro and the Outro as I trekked over the chaparral. The Bonzos are significantly non-Californian.

This is where my boss works (80 miles away).

I believe I got the better deal. (He's in Los Angeles.)

Mind you, I have this to put up with.

We also have turtles.

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