Thursday, March 08, 2007

RIP Baudrillard, John Inman, Captain America, and 200 rare 1960s pop/rock videos.

Alquit, my favorite YouTube uploader, seems to have become an Unperson. His videos have been Disappeared. Unfortunately for us out here in Vid-Watchy-Land, the vast majority of his videos were 60s tracks lovingly gleaned from obscure European VHS (if they were released at all) and so they are now unavailable, for all reasonable values of unavailable. Score one for "Cuddly" Google's scorched-media policy. I've sadly had to remove them from my favorites list, and some that were referenced here in the past will now go to dead links.

However, Frozenfish, a new Free uploader, has joined the party. Here are two gems: a black and white, pre-VHS version of All Right Now (similar to the one available in color on the DVD, but without the DVD version's post-VHS image degradation) and a pre-psychedelic color-washed Beat Club version.

Both of these are neatola. He has some other rare footage too. Since they're not available on DVD he may actually be allowed to thrive.

I wrote more (much more) about the official DVD release here.

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