Thursday, November 01, 2007

Diseases and Conditions Section (with coffee)

I'm back at the internet café - It's actually a bookshop. I've eaten a Fiery Hot Buffalo Burger or something (buffalo not included), drunk a gallon of coffee and finally got the spot near the mains socket, known locally as El Primo Space. Instead of looking out at the railroad, this spot looks into the bookshop. I'm looking at the face-out books.

As you probably know, bookshops have two ways to file books. Ordinary, like books in a bookshelf, or face-out, with the front page facing you as you casually browse. Having your books face out is a big deal for an author, because people have about five times the chance of actually reading your name and title with a facing-out book than they do when just seeing the spines. I know of authors who go to bookshops and face their own books out. I know of authors who fart in the general direction of bold unruly authors who face their own books out.

The two books I can read from here are:

Pathophysiology made Incredibly Easy!


Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

A couple of shelves away I can see Nutrition For Dummies, which explains why they've been selling me Fiery Hot Buffalo Burgers here.

I will leave it as an exercise to the reader as to who picked those to face out. The author the publisher, or the bookshop? Discuss.

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