Monday, October 29, 2007

Sights of the Sixties

It turns out posting from an internet cafe isn't as hard as it sounds. Eventually, I'll reach the 21st Century.

Since it's so easy, here's an in depth technical look at some of the equipment used by Jimmy Page in the Yardbirds.

See the lovely photo above courtesy of the What Jimmy's using here, fanboys, is a Sylvania heat lamp. They are normally used for drying the hair and nails of groovy Go-Go Devil Women, but he has evidently put it to better use.

I know my heat lamps. I'm also pretty good on UV tubes. Don't let it ever be said I'm not a tech head. Even if I can't get online from home and have to post from cafes.

Edit to add: Though apparently due to short battery life, I can't get the pictures the right size. Corrected.
This post courtesy of Borders and their extra strong coffee.

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