Saturday, October 20, 2007

LA Woman

It turns out I still have to go to LA occasionally. This time, remembering my 15-year preference for the I-405, I took the 405 to Van Nuys at six in the morning and spent two and a half hours driving sixty miles. Okay. I'm cured. I have learned to love the I-5 and that's it. I renounce all previous posts about being a 405 girl.

I had planned out some epic odyssey in which I had to get to Van Nuys, Northridge, Valencia and then back to LA to see a friend of mine all in one day. (My natural inclination would be to split that into about four weeks.) I did manage it. Go me. I feel like a traveling salesman.

My friend played me some Dr. Feelgood, so I'l pass on the bounty. Here's the inestimably fabulous Wilko Johnson and the rest of Dr. Feelgood with She Does It Right and Roxette. I'm told Wilko is actually a human being, but if someone told me his daddy was a sequencer, I wouldn't be surprised. He's my favorite rhythm guitarist and these are two of my favorite guitar tracks.

Can't say I really agree with the talking heads at the beginning of the track but I suppose everybody has an opinion. I certainly do.

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