Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Right vs Left - all in the mind

Is this woman spinning clockwise or counterclockwise?

Apparently different people get different answers. Some people can switch it at random like a Necker Cube. It's most certainly clockwise for me. I can change it to counterclockwise after intense concentration, but it's hit and miss. Apparently that makes me religious or some such crap. I'm not a big believer in right brain/left brain theories, but boy is she definitely spinning clockwise.

From the Australian Herald Sun newspaper.
Here is their write up of how other people see it differently.

Sorry, that's going to be an irritating .gif to have on the front page once you've watched it once.

1 comment:

donnernblitzen said...

She's definitely going clockwise for me too, until I scroll down and only look at the feet, then I scroll up again and she's definitely going counterclockwise and I can't switch her back!


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