Friday, October 12, 2007

Coming, colors in the air

Now we know why the Rolling Stones wrote "She's a Rainbow". It's the perfect accompaniment to this perfect ad - yes, it's an ad - for Sony Bravia TVs. The joy of the song and the innocence of the thousands of little jumping bunnies go beautifully together. It brightened my morning, anyway.

There's a high res version and a 'making of' version at Sony's site. Short summary of the 'making of' - they did it the hard way. Life-size Plasticine bunnies, real-life New York, natural sunlight, 30-foot hero bunny and hundreds of animators.

It worked as an ad, too, because before I watched it I thought a Bravia was a minivan.

Edit to add: Someone sent me this. Very good.

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