Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Never Slow Down, You Never Grow Old

The sitemeter for this blog tells me how people stray to this site. If you get here by clicking something in a search engine's results, it tells me what search string you entered.

I can't type them all out in full, or I'll confuse the issue. By far the most popular is LJ C*t on Bl*gg*r – which means that hundreds of other bloggers have come here just to find out how to do their own LJ C*ts. Ok – glad to be of service, and that search term works – it finds a post that tells you where the instructions are.

Next most popular is Luci*s M*lfoy. I have one picture of him here on the blog, and boy is it popular. You're welcome to that too, even though I did um, extract it from Hpana.

But what's puzzling me – [1] is the huge number of searches for these two strings:

I don't know what I've been told
I don't know but I've been told

I don't disguise these two because I'd really like to attract those searchers to this post. One of those strings did appear on this blog, so you've come to sort of the right place. But the other one has never appeared. Well, not before today. The first tip, searchers, is use quotes around your search and you won't get so many false positives.
Like this:
"I don't know what I've been told."
"I don't know but I've been told."

That'll cut out the first one. Or would have, before today.

Now, what were you actually looking for? If you don't know what you've been told, I can't help you there. Were you looking for the anime song? Why not add anime as a search term - outside the quotes? Or lyric? If you were looking for the cadences, why not add "drill instructor" or cadence to your search string? You'll be directed to a different site. Or would have been directed to a different site, before I wrote this post. If you're looking for "I don't know but I've been told" as a cadence, add cadence to that search string. Or "drill instructor".

If you're looking for "I don't know but I've been told" as a Led Zeppelin lyric – welcome! You've reached the right place! I mentioned it here. The lyrics are to be found in about 500 places by adding lyric and zeppelin to your search string.

Now you've found the right place, here's a nice picture of a dragon. It's a special occasion. Jimmy Page became a grandfather October 8th - or 9th. Ross Halfwit[2] isn't very specific about the date. Congratulations to the Page family.

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[1] But what's puzzling me – Looking forward to the extra traffic that generates. You meant you not me. And put quotes around it.
[2] Halfwit doesn't allow direct linking to his diary any more. If you want to look it up manually, it's for October 2007.  I don't recommend doing so.

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