Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ain't No Old Shep Gonna Happen Again!

Here a 25-foot statue of Anubis is floated on a funeral barque down the river Thames to Greenwich's Millenium Dome. He's appearing there in his role as the god who accompanies the dead and keeps them safe on their journey – because boy king and famous deadee Tut Ankh Amun is appearing at the Dome in November.

Also appearing at the Dome in November is Led Zeppelin. Imagine: Doggedly faithful psychopomp Anubis stands guard at the dome against the vengeful ghosts of the king's canes venatici as they howl over the water from the Isle of Dogs. The rock band most associated in the public's mind with the underworld stands astride the Greenwich Meridian reclaiming their throne – why, it could be a novel! And I think it was – by Anne Rice, wasn't it?

I bet they don't play Stairway to Heaven!

If strange happening are indeed afoot, I must do my part to immanentize the eschaton by spending the day at my pyramid, a couple of miles north of there. It's in the grounds of the thoroughly creepy Hawksmoor church St. Anne's in Limehouse, where I used to hang out and listen to the peacocks.

Hawksmoor church image is from The Londonist.
Anubis image is from
Thanks to Tim Chapman for the AP link.
Title from:
Bron-y-Aur Stomp, Led Zeppelin.

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carol said...

the dogs of doom are howling low..that I'm not going to get a ticket! They must be devotees of Osiris..he is the one who gets reborn, is he not?


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