Sunday, September 30, 2007

Memories of the Space Age

Simon Sellars at Ballardian has a piece on 20th Century Castles - the repurposing of Cold War missile Silos as living spaces.

Minimal Concrete City for Sale: Serious Interested Parties Only!

I'm mentioned as the inhabitant most likely to be seen prowling the underground corridors with my home-made alien hybrids shambling in the air conditioning ducts above me.

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Let's move on to much sunnier things, shall we? The innocent days of World War II, when men were men (with pipes and moustaches called Squiffy) and the Safety of the Free World (tm) was ensured by cerebral geniuses ensconced in much less robust castles such as this one, a hut at Bletchley Park.

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very good!


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