Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pretties for you . . .

Excellent clip of the Pretty Things on Beat Club. It's from 1970 - at least judging by the waist-length hair of 1970_Beard!Phil. And of course the song, Cries From The Midnight Circus, which is from Parachute.

It's quite magic.

As is de riguer on Beat Club, Phil is wearing an orange t-shirt - but alas the TV studio's standard matching Orange amps are nowhere to be seen. The Pretty Things manage to color up the videospace quite nicely without them, however.

Outstanding stuff.

While we're at it, here's the Pretty Things singing "Balloon Burning" from S. F. Sorrow, with added Hindenburg video footage. I choose it for its resemblance to my dreams last night, which were probably similar to that of every Led Zeppelin fan after we tried and tried and tried and tried to register for tickets for the o2 reunion concert in November yesterday. . .

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