Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eye in the Sky

City of Sound, a fine blog about cities and esthetics, ran a piece recently that mentioned the skyline of South London. No-one actually looks at the skyline of South London; it's just that the Google Maps imaging satellite took a particularly memorable view of it, as it cast a shadow on the River Thames. The satellite passed over at exactly the right moment to capture the nearby buildings in a lovely, undistorted fringe along the river.

(c)Google. Here's my screencap of it. City of Sound has its own.

While we're at it, here's Google Maps picture of the O2 Arena. On November 26th, 20,000 Zeppelin fans – or rather about 16,000 Zeppelin fans and some assorted VIPs – will be there watching the inordinately famous Zeppelin reunion.

(c)Google. Moral: If you don't have a ticket and you're planning to listen from outside, bring a boat.

And talking of boats: they offer such marvelous opportunities. Do take advantage of them. I was a Sex Pistols fan in 1977, Led Zeppelin having faded from my mind. If the mention of Zeppelin brings out violent thoughts of something like this and this in your nature, do that instead. I might even join you. (There's no chance I'll get an O2 ticket anyways.)


carol said...

I wouldn't bother with the Sex Pistols..I saw their last "reunion" at Crystal Palace in (I think)2003/4 and they were crap despite Johnny's (whom I have always liked) witticisms. On the other hand their performance could only be enhanced by the absence of Sid Vicious and the return of Glen Matlock.

Peromyscus said...

I actually meant, "If you want to do in 2007 what the Sex Pistols did in 1977 for the Queen's friggin' Jubilee, I'm there."

But I wasn't at all clear about it.

I can't imagine seeing the Sex Pistols in 2003. It had to be some sort of a wind-up, surely? They were dadaists after all. Or so somebody said. McClaren?

carol said...

oh, I suppose one of them was short of money..apparently they're going to do it again a couple of weeks before LZ ! at Brixton Academy.
Dadaism? I'm sure Paul Cook and Steve Jones have NEVER been aware of the term..not sure about the other two. The Jubilee boat trip didn't last very long as I recall before they were all arrested! nowadays you'd just collide with a badly-maintained dredger..

Mz Maihem said...

*giggles* Priceless! Yes, I'll do that boat trip with you.


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