Thursday, September 27, 2007

Angeles Assyrian

I drove up for what I hope will be my last trip to Valencia yesterday. The days are getting shorter, so that now means setting out in the dark.

For forty miles, the full moon had been setting in front of me, a dark yellow glabrous sphere that looked much like one might find if one were to rummage in the medical waste bags of an operating theater. It finally descended into the morning smog, and the sun burst up behind me, instantly recreating that wonderful orange California glow. It was as if the landscape had been dipped in California orange juice. At that same moment, I was driving up to an Assyrian Palace. Now an outlet mall, the Palace of King Sargon II sits at the edge of the I5 in all its man-headed-bull-guardian glory, the smooth dawn glow of the palace walls competing with (and losing to) the Blade-Runner bright light of the giant LED screens built into each tower. This being Los Angeles, of course, one would expect a Babylonian palace, if at all. But no. It's Assyrian all the way, baby.

The strange fortress - it's called The Citadel - went by in a flash as my Little Grey Fella (with 5500 songs to choose from) randomly picked Led Zeppelin's "In the Light". Thank you LGF.

Of course, I couldn't take a picture, so you'll have to do with ones I found on the web. Orange glow and LED screens (new!) not shown.

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