Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Song Remains The Same - or not.

For those of us who bought the new 2007 DVD of Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same (or who are about to purchase the rerelease after it was removed from some markets due to some spat I don't quite follow), or who bought the accompanying CD, good news: The Garden Tapes has been updated.

The Garden Tapes are the work of the obsessive Eddie Edwards, who can (and does) tell you where every clip shown in the concert sequences comes from, and where every splice in the audio is.

Here's a brief excerpt:

The available menu options are: THE FILM : SONGS : AUDIO & SUBTITLES. (big snip)
The second "Songs" sub-menu features a series of sewn-together extracts from No Quarter, totalling 65 seconds. The third is accompanied by a further clip from Whole Lotta Love, and it's another interesting selection. It's 50 seconds of the funky interlude that follows the opening verses, from the 27th. This was on the original album but missing from the original film. Because of the necessity of fitting the new soundtrack to the original visuals, it's still missing from the new DVD main feature, but here it is (or most of it, anyway) on this menu. A nice touch.

It's a big website.

[pic link broken]

I just want to know why he has a key on this outfit. And whether it's the same key he was photographed with in Hiroshima, in 1971. But alas, even the anoraks are not anoraky enough to tell me such things.

[pic link broken]
(Sorry, I don't have the photo credit for the
Hiroshima one.)

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