Sunday, May 17, 2009

Throw Rag

I was reminiscing recently, as one does, about great gigs I have known and recalled the sweaty hours spent watching the inestimable Throw Rag. These guys are among my very top favorite bands, and like many, are even better live than on record.

I've seen the band in Southern CA, their preferred haunt, about twenty times. I got a demo tape many years ago, which has since been transferred to digital and played into the ground, and later their stunning first CD Tee Tot, which was pressed into my hands anonymously as I was walking between the trees at work, as if it were a Russian Spy code drop, presumably ultimately deriving from Captain Sean himself. Since then the freebies have died down but the band hasn't, gigging furiously and gaining reputation.

Throw Rag are a force of nature, with far more energy than one could reasonably expect from a handful of human beings. Loud, joyous in a non-trivial way and more punk than a 100 Club full of punks, they have to be experienced to be believed.

I checked their web page yesterday, and of course I've just missed them. (It's time bands mastered RSS feeds so I could stay on top of this stuff.) I checked Amazon and there's another album out, which I will now buy.

Here's Lady Boo, an early tune found on Tee Tot and my absolute favorite from that album. The Captain is in full flow on this one, though the sound leaves something to be desired.

Second Place
Desert Shores

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