Friday, October 16, 2009

I Cut Like a Buffalo B video (version II)

On October 12th I was all a-twitter, so to speak, because I was alerted that there would be activity on The Vault. And there was. Jack White himself came on and introduced this video to us. He also looked right into my eyes (well, actually right at my tits, but I think that was a matter of camera placement rather than intention) and made all of us solemnly swear we wouldn't rip it and post it on YooToob.

(Edited) At midnight last night, the band put the new on up on their MySpace. I've embedded the YouTube official version.
Although I prefer the first video, Jack had some story about the UK banning it because of the knife-wielding ladies in it. I'm not sure exactly what that means - I had no idea the British government had any control over non-cinema content (unless you are a horror writer in which case you should just give up and move to the US) - but I guess it was a serious enough threat that the single needs a UK-approved no-knife video.

I like the use of bold shapes in this cut. (Am I allowed to use the word 'cut' if this blog is shown in the UK?) The early shots with the silhouetted LJ, the scroll and heft of his stand-up bass and the huge, illogical curves of the buffalo head are lovely. The new narrator is BP Fallon, again, and he mangles the name of the video differently from the cowboy guy.

I was going to end the post with a brilliant coup along the lines of "that isn't the first time Beep has performed with someone who looks like Marc Bolan - here is video of him playing a conga on Hot Love with T. Rex in Germany, 1971!!!!1eleventy!"

Here it is anyway. The other conga player (with the hat) is of course Mickey Finn.

If you click the one below at the same time it might give the same effect, furrfu.

(Not with Beep)

Edited to find working links for videos 09/18/2013

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