Friday, October 09, 2009

Extinction, megafauna and The Dead Weather

Zoologists have long been puzzled by the extinction of megafauna in the Americas. The continent was filled with giant vampire wombats, elephant-sized tree sloths (sloths elephant-sized, not trees) and armadillos large enough to feature on ELP triple concept albums. They all died off about ten thousand years ago [1]. No one is sure why. I am not making this up.

I think I know the answer. There must have been a Dead Weather tour about ten thousand years ago. Those guys go through megafauna like a Mythbusters' rocket sled through a scratch car. At Toronto, they brought a bear skull on stage. In their current video, a stuffed buffalo head gets the girl in the end [2]. At the recent Dallas House of Blues concert, it took three of them to carry a stuffed giraffe onstage.

All my companion animals are lizards, so I don't tend to get misty-eyed about mammals. But man, what is Baby Ruthless going to shoot next?

Apologies to the photographers for not remembering your URL. Your uploads are much appreciated.

[1] The Mastodon alone survived. I saw them at San Diego Street Scene festival last month.

[2] Which end is immaterial.

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