Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dead Weather Live on Jools Holland

Good lord, these downloads are getting higher and higher quality. will even allow you to keep this a HD mp4 file.

Good stuff. My brother saw The Dead Weather in northern England today and pronounced it one of the best gigs he's seen. And folks, he's seen The Pretty Things. His word counts!

The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother... by RaheemBeau

Watch Little Jack Lawrence rock out! And watch Dean Fertita cut the intrusive cameraman dead at 2:30! Love the Beeb's approach to this with their high contrast, balls out video.


Bruv said...


Thanks for the Pretty Things mention, but they were pretty ordinary when I saw them (no pun intended)Phil May hadn't got into his "I wanna be Jagger" personna. I've seen the Stones 3 times spread out by a decade between each one and they take some beating.

Wednesday nights TDW gig was brilliant, big Jack was awesome on drums, but unfortunately only did one track out front on the guitar. Baby Ruthless was a a cheetah stalking the stage, climbing on the amps and monitors, Dean and little Jack enigmatic, but powerful. The 3 tracks on the 2 Jules Holand show may be the break through in the UK. The audience at the gig I went to didn't know what to expect, but by the end of the night they were bouncing. Tonite there has been a TDW interview and showcase on the UK Channel 4. Interviewer crap, but #1 for the tracks presentation.

By the way did you see who was backing Smokey Robinson on the Later with Jules Holand Show?


Bath said...

nice posting....i like it...but hard every one



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