Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Under My Thumb

Heard this in the car today, on The Rolling Stones' Aftermath (was it on the UK version? I can't remember), the joyous Under My Thumb. I thought I'd share.

Mick Jagger captures that time when a boy becomes a man, and gets that thing, whatever it is, that women want. The girls who pushed him around now sit demurely waiting to hear his whim. "The change has come," he sings, sounding almost astonished, "she's under my thumb".

I'd lose my Club of Women card if I ever disclosed whether men could get that power, of course, so we'll assume for blogging purposes Jagger is fooling himself. It's such a happy track though, with the joyous surprised vocals, and the Motown R&B of the Stones embellished with a Brian Jones marimba riff. You can't help getting caught up in the vibe.

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