Saturday, December 05, 2009

Kings of Leon 'not cool'.

It's official! Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Somebody or other says they aren't cool.

You’d think Kings of Leon would be thrilled by the group's recent success, capped off by four Grammy nods for “Use Somebody,” but it's actually kind of annoying. “We definitely got bigger than we wanted to be,” frontman Caleb Followill tells Spin. “You feel like you’ve done something wrong. That woman in mom jeans who’d never let me date her daughter? She likes my music. That’s fucking not cool.”

It's terrible when uncool people like your art, isn't it? If it isn't working out for you, maybe you could get a job doing something useful, like being a miner or a mechanic, instead of running a dance-band.

The quote is from Newser, who add:

It’s gotten so bad that the band members are in “damage control” mode, refusing to promote the album.

How sad for Whossisname. If he doesn't like being famous he can give me his money and I'll keep 10% and parcel the rest out to moms for some skinny hipster jeans.


Anonymous said...

Finally we have a band who isn't afraid of staying true to themselves, and THEIR music and they get criticized. You'd have something to say if they did go on some super global tour promoting their album, songs being played on every commercial... selling out? is what you call it. Fuck soccer moms. Same thing happened to J. Mayer

Anonymous said...

I agree with Caleb, I love kings of Leon, and I too agree that they've gotten too popular, I'm an oldschool fan and I think it's bullshit when I hear a bunch of losers claiming they're fans just because they know one song. So fuck off, Caleb's right.

Peromyscus said...

Lolol. You think they have some sort of cred they need to protect against the depredations of people's mothers? Tell me you're joking.

And fuck J. Mayer, who didn't have any to lose either.

Peromyscus said...

Anon: I'm not claiming to be a fan, so I can hardly comment on that one.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about the fact that those moms grew up with really good music and actually do know something about music? And they immediately recognize good music from the 90% crap that is produced nowadays. I still consider KOL an extremely good band but feel sad about Caleb's comment. You should be proud that your music can touch all levels/age of people and not just hysterically screaming 15 year old girls! Do you really care about your music?

Anonymous said...

i understand where he's coming from, but they did it to themselves. they're not really promoting their album, but they have definitely put themselves into the hollywood culture now. you never would have seen them talking with movie stars at awards shows back in the youth and young manhood days, especially with the way they dressed. i don't think i've ever seen a soccer mom rocking out to "tranni" either. i love them, and i wouldn't say they've sold out, but i think it's pretty clear from their actions that they don't hate all the attention.

Anonymous said...

Some Moms have been listening to music for over 30 years and know a flash in the pan when we hear one and we TRULY appreciated the music of KOL and NNOOTT only those 2 songs! One of MY top favorite songs is "Arizona". I really liked Caleb but that remark pisses me off BAD! That's just fuckn RUDE and I hope Nate busts him in the mouth for that one!


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