Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Airforce vs. Jack White: It never rains in Southern California

Except it does, and we're about to be washed out again. The road between my home and my work is, stereotypically, affected by a fire last season which burned off all the vegetation and means the mud flows across the road every time it rains.

On top of that, my house turned out to be porous, and I'm on standby mop detail. This is largely affected by my next door neighbor (eight feet higher than us) and we asked him to to clear his drains. Since he was informed, number of floods has been zero.

The White Stripes had to suffer a song of theirs being...er...trying not to be litigious...being completely re-imagined by someone else and played to umpteen squillion at the Super Bowl as an Air Force Reserves recruiting ad last week. The White Stripes currently have the front page of Third Man Records saying:

I guess they really don't like the fake FILWAG and I don't blame them.

The Air Force blamed the ad agency. Here.

The ad agency blamed the musician, who responded here.

Kraft says he was “absolutely” surprised to hear of the Stripes’ accusations this week. “I went to the website and I go, ‘Yeah, that kinda sounds close.’ [But] I don’t even listen to those guys.” Asked if he had ever heard “Fell in Love With a Girl” prior to the controversy, Kraft replies, “God, I might have somehow or somewhere. I don’t know. That’s not the kind of music I listen to.”

Now Kraft says he’d like to speak with Jack White to clear things up. “I would say, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it sounded like your song. I had no intention whatsoever of copying you. If you need me to pay the money back that I made, which was 2,000 bucks, to you, I will do that if you want me to.’ This has gotten way out of proportion.”

Oh, poor man - he had no idea he'd ripped off a major hit and is prepared to give back $nothing to make it good.

How about the goverment pays Jack White the type of compensation the RIAA demands? Jack doesn't need the money and the RIAA are mad, but hey, it's a precedent. 'Paying back my $2000' doesn't cut it.

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