Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ghost Who Walks

Everybody seems surprised that this is any good, but it is. Karen Elson, otherwise known as Jack White's wife, has made an album, and this is the teaser video from it (edit: that was removed from YouTube. This is the title track 08/2017).

At first I thought people were surprised because it was Jack White's wife, which I didn't get because White had a free choice in whom to marry - freer than most, in that he's a millionaire - and was likely to pick someone who was good at the things he is interested in. After thinking about it, I decided they were surprised because women who marry famous millionaires are supposed to be great at oral sex, snorting coke and looking decorative, but pretty useless at anything else. It's the sexism thing - women aren't really supposed to be good at creativity.

Well, Karen Elson is. Not fabulous enough for me to actually lay out any money on her album, mind, but fairly fabulous.

I think the thing that most impresses me is how she breaks the mammalian cube-square law. She's gigantic and yet has an unfeasibly extensive surface area. The cube-square rule means that mice can fall fifty feet off a cliff and survive, whereas elephants just...can't. Karen Elson could probably float off a cliff with no problems. (In fact she fell a few feet at the British Fashion Awards in December, and suffered not the slightest injury.) The thinness of her arms in this video continually makes me glance away in horror, which is, I suppose, why the band is behind her in the video even if it's doing nothing. It supplies a few people who are normally-proportioned for the eye to rest upon.

By the way, I find this amateur video of her with Melissa auf der Maur (singing Devil's Plaything) to be much more pleasing than the official release.

And both are much better than the video of her with Cat Power, doing the nasty and unjustly famous Je t'Aime (Moi Non Plus) which I'm not going to link to.

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Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Your right Karen doesn't make a bad job of it something you don't expect in the "accepted" world of WAGs. In fact she is bloody good and if the session on the sofa was part of an album I might even go out and buy it.

On an entirely different tack I was watching the 1973 Led Zep Madison Square Garden concert last night and every time I see it the more it seems to be the basis for Spinal Tap, rather than the heavy metal bands that I have previously associated with it.



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