Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your supplements in danger again

One of the first activist things I did in this country, back in the nineties, was write my congresscritters and senators to keep dietary supplements legal.

It needs doing again. John McCain has introduced a bill that will put supplement manufacturers under pretty much the same rules as drug manufacturers. That's not because supplements are unsafe, but because, apparently, they may be adulterated with illegal drugs such as steroids.

It's already against the law for them to be adulterated with illegal drugs...obviously...and the new bill is nothing more than a transparent attempt to shut down supplement manufacturers by making it too expensive to make and sell a (non-patented) natural substance, which will mean large drug companies will do it instead (if at all).

Large drug companies already make enough money. Trust me, I know, I've worked for them. It's in your best interests to have supplement companies survive, and that means once again writing Senators to get the bill taken away.

More info here.

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