Thursday, February 03, 2011

Francis Ford Coppola: “Who says artists have to make money?

A sentiment I've thought about before. A hundred years ago there were no 'recording artists', and the idea you could market a product to the masses was unthinkable. Now, it's almost impossible to market a recording to general people. A tragedy, or just one of those regressions to the mean that are fated to occur? Francis Ford Coppola plumpts for the latter.

In the old days, 200 years ago, if you were a composer, the only way you could make money was to travel with the orchestra and be the conductor, because then you’d be paid as a musician. There was no recording. There were no record royalties. So I would say, “Try to disconnect the idea of cinema with the idea of making a living and money.” Because there are ways around it.

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