Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moron Star Wars 30th Birthday Party.

Uh, make that "more on". No, wait, I was right the first time!

Time sends a reporter with a fresh outlook on Star Wars:

But it's not actually the waiting in line part that the fans love, says Steve Sansweet, director of fan relations for Lucasfilm. "They love to be together, to find comradery and friendship." And, let's face it, to compare their replica lightsabers.

Ha ha! She thinks Star Wars fans are all nerdy! It makes such a change from the media's 30 years of unthinking admiration for the fans.

She also says:

Those in touch with their dark sides rushed exhibits of tortured druids on a rack, Luke Skywalker's severed head and the Princess Leia slave costume, a fetching metal bikini that says, "Eat your heart out, Jabba the Hutt."

Clearly, the Kool Aid is stronger at Celebration IV than I had been led to believe. Severed head? Tortured druids?

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