Friday, May 18, 2007

She Moved Through the Fair

I was spending some valuable time improving myself, i.e. reading a Draco/Lucius inc*st slash fic* and it referenced a famous Irish folk song - She Moved Through The Fair. And that, of course, reminds me of Jimmy Page.

Here's Jimmy Page playing White Summer in 1970.

Here's Davey Graham - he is expounding some theory that Irish music is Iranian music, or something, but after a while the program settles down a bit and shows a clip of him playing She Moved Through the Bizarre.

"She Moved Through the Bizarre."
Wonderful, n'est ce pas?
While we're on the subject of Pagey's influences, I should mention "Black Mountainside". I can't find a watchable vid of Jimmy Page playing it because there's some copyright rule or other being invoked by Warner Brothers. But here's Bert Jansch playing "Black Waterside". You'll recognize it as the original, even though this performance is from last year. I couldn't find an earlier version.

"Black Waterside."

If I were a proper blogger, I'd have researched everything and come up with dates and influence lists and rock family trees and stuff, but I'm not. So, based on pure gut feeling, whose version is a) most authentic and b) the inspiration for the others?

Lyle's answer: a) Jimmy Page is much prettier than the other two and b) My God, that Danelectro is fine-looking guitar. Very striking.

So that's all sorted. Jimbo wins.

*The story is very good. Moving, sad and sweet. Amanuensis' "She Moved Through The Fair".


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