Monday, May 14, 2007

Sex and the Singularity Girl

There have been a few recent posts and comments on Mick Farren's blog, Doc 40 concerning man/computer interfacing. It started with a picture of a girl and a Dalek, an unpromising combination, in my opinion. I'm one of those people who fall for the villain in every production, particularly if he is haughty, stylishly dressed and likely to win. (Lucius Malfoy comes to mind, here.) But Daleks always struck me as implacably evil, and besides they have jellyfish in their middles.

NSFW picture beyond the cut. (For yea, I have learned to do an L-J Cut on Blogger. Fear me.)

The posts on Doc 40 created quite a mini-stir. I was speculating as to the reasons why robots bring out such strong feelings in humans. They are pathetic, of course; we love their clumsy, kittenish attempts to be human. And Daleks, at least, are well out of the uncanny valley.

Robot love not a new phenomenon. There were hints that it was coming in the mid-sixties.

[1] There's also been a recent upsurge in interest in man uploading himself into computers and spreading his seed all over the galaxy. Am I referring to the the Geek Rapture, the so-called Kurzweil Singularity? Nah, too highbrow. I'm talking about this: [2]

But even I didn't expect a Dalek!

[1] Diktor is a great name, isn't it?
[2] Yes, that is a PDP-11. You know you'd hit that.

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