Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back in the Garage

I watched a documentary on The Clash today, called The Clash's London Calling. It's a potted history of the boys with a lot of live footage and several talking heads saying how great they were. And they were, weren't they?

What's My Name and Garageland, Live at the Elizabethan, Manchester, 1977

Janie Jones, Live at the Elizabethan, Manchester, 1977

White Riot 06-07-1978 Dunfermline Kinema,Scotland

I did see them live once, and all I remember is they had a lot of very large male fans wearing leather jackets. I suppose it would be better to say "I attended one of their performances", because I didn't actually see any of them.

Thank goodness for YouTube.

In 1977, I'd given up my Led Zeppelin habit. Now I look at what I was missing, and, y'know, stylistically there are certain similarities.

Jimmy Page Poppy Suit 1977

Jimmy Page Poppy Suit 1977 as well

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