Monday, October 27, 2008


On October 16th, the Army's 304 Military Intelligence Battalion Open Source Intelligence Team put out a document, impressively marked "For Official Use Only" detailing the various insidious ways Terrsts could use technology to sow Terr in America.

Information Week, in its article, Terrorists Could Use Twitter For Mayhem, Army Report Muses says,

"It [the report] touches briefly on "Pro Terrorist Propaganda Cell Phone Interfaces," using cell phone GPS data to assist terrorist operations, mobile phone surveillance, possible use of voice changing technology by terrorists, "Potential For Terrorist Use of Twitter," and other mobile phone technology and software that bears further consideration."

It's true, too. They could. They could also, say, write something on a notepad, put it into an envelope and mail it, so I think we should look very carefully at this "US Mail" thingy, as I'm sure it could come back to bite us on the ass one day.

I was thinking of some more technological ways to teach Terrsts how to organize, but luckily Rick in comments has put a few together for us. "Rick" says,

"You forgot the following:Pens, pencils, paper, cardboard, paint, walkie-talkies, bullhornes, postage stamps, xerox machines, telegrams, telephones of all types, whiteboards and dry erase markers, sharpies, emails, web sites, billboards, shouting, speaking at normal volume, whispering, sign language, coded gestures, pig latin, Navy signal flag banners, silkscreened T-shirts, carvings on tree trunks with pocket knives, vanity license plates, sky-writing, signs on blimps, coded whistling, backwards recordings embedded in pop songs, bogus advertisements, hoaxes with secret underlying meanings, varying lengths of thin and wide necktie ends, messages in wadded up pieces of paper, graffiti in public places including restroom stalls, limericks, and utterly ridiculous Pentagon press releases."

All true. But, look, Rick - and Army's 304 Military Intelligence Battalion Open Source Intelligence Team - I can't believe you both spent several minutes on this horrible threat and neither of you came up with steganographically embedded code words in Britney Spears pictures on Flickr.

Any more of this slack thinking and the Terrsts will have won.

*Twitterpated defined for the confused.


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