Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Take On Me: Literal Video Version

Found via Matt Ruff's blog: This is Aha!'s gigantic hit Take On Me retrofitted to match its famously groundbreaking video. Now the words describe the action in the video.

What's wonderful is the sheer perfection of the redone track. The voice is beautiful, the words are funny (and get much funnier towards the end), nobody screws up and everything works out right. I don't know how people do this - there are many people with actual recording contracts who plainly can't sing at all, or even worse use Auto-Tune. It's strange to live in a world where some guys and presumably their pet Pro Tools can put together a wonderful version of a very famous song.

I get the impression that for every three people who actually produce a thing there are a dozen more riffing off it, fanficcing it, slashing it, parodying it, derivately working it or otherwise performing other post modern occupations of the same general sort. Is it just the way I live my life, or is it true?

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Carroll said...

Wow! That's fully amazing. I've loved that song ever since our older son came to me one day when he was in high school and said "I think you're gonna like this one, Mom. It's really neat music. It's got layers."

I wonder if he's moved on, leaving me still to wallow in these dust motes of pop culture.

"Is it just the way I live my life, or is it true?"

Fanfic afficionado that you are, you know it's true!


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