Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty Jack White

I was checking my stats and someone came to the blog this morning on a search for 'pretty jack white' (no quotes). It seems like slim pickings out there for blogs using the words "pretty jack white" so I might as well get in at the head of the curve.

I bought the two Raconteurs CDs this week, Consolers of the Lonely and Broken Boy Soldiers, having been seduced a live boot provided by a friend. They got here yesterday and I will listen this evening.

I missed the White Stripes bandwagon, but that's all right. A bit of artistic maturity is a fine thing.

OK, pretty Jack White. I think we can all agree on this.

Hand to mouth shots always slay me.

Yeah, I know the cash shirt is photoshopped.

Edited to re-up photos, 06/03/15


Malia said...

Hot baby Jack. Not only does he rev my engine musically, he, um, revs my engine, you know. Hell, I'll just say it. I quite fancy him.

Christy Latz said...

There most definitely needs to be more blogs that reference "Pretty Jack White". An incredible musical talent and foxy to boot? Me-ow! ;)

Christy Latz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KaliDurga said...

Is it too late for an update? You posted the prettiest Jack of all here:

Peromyscus said...

Never too late to talk about pretty Jack White. Here's another couple.

He seems to have been looking exceptionally pretty during that couple of days he was hanging out with Jimmy Page in June 2009.

BTW, I've seen your name around in connection with Jack White fandom recently. Nice to hear from another fan.

KaliDurga said...

That second one is quite nice, thank you.

And yeah, I'm a newcomer to the Gospel of Jack, but the fever's hit pretty intensely so I've been looking for others who share the faith.


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