Thursday, October 09, 2008


John McCain calls his audience "my fellow prisoners".

(YouTube video)

I'm beginning to wonder if my friend isn't right - the one who sends me webpages to read about who our masters are, what the Federal Reserve really is, and what the real people in power are up to.

As Anti-War Blog says, savvy politicians usually wait until after they're elected to tell you they're nullifying all your rights.

Of course, as being paranoid is a way of life for me, I can't tell if he's deliberately throwing the election by appearing elderly, ill and mad or whether he's genuinely elderly, ill and mad.

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Straight Talk on McCain said...

Calling people at a rally "My fellow prisoners" might mean one of two things. One, he knows something we don't and plans to throw a lot of us in jail after he is elected. Or two, since he likes to constantly throw out that he was a POW, it's now becoming impossible for him to even know when to use it appropriately.


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