Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Days-off-o'sphere.

Having a few days off, either impromptu (due to frikkin' swine flu) or promptu (as today technically was, although I still feel like a landed jellyfish with a sore throat), teaches me that it really is impossible to OD on teh internets. I know I'm only processing about 70% as fast as I normally do, but good old interwebs have produced the usual abundance.

I had a sketchy WinTV file from MTV that had missed its timepoints (due to MTV not broadcasting on its published schedule) and was slathered in ads. I don't have Video Re Do and I've never gotten Adobe Premiere Pro to even get out of bed and look like it might be able to find its high heel sneakers - so I downloaded Sony's Vegas Movie Studio on free trial and spent two hours trying to bend it to my will by staring hard at its GUI and demanding each part do what I wanted it to do, without reading the (nonexistent) manual. Didn't quite work out so smooth, but I got somewhere, and I now have the MTV file put back together in one piece and Vegas is cheerfully rendering it into something I probably don't want (MPEG-2 for NTSC?) in the background, while I:

Download some really fun sounding party mixes of music I already have from a fansite I frequent. Megaupload, often a complete bear, let me download all three massive zip files without delay.

Download some musical fun stuff I don't have and couldn't buy legitimately, for trial purposes.

Browse about a dozen Flickr accounts for Dead Weather pictures, some of which are astonishing, but I can't reproduce here because they're under copyright, but my, are they good. Take my word for it. That backdrop alone is a work of art. And of course, I can save them all, because Flickr may disable right-click-save-as but has no defense against PC tricks like print-screen-paste-graphics_program.

Search for Video Re Do, which is what I think I really want (does not re-code video if all you are doing is snipping out ads, just sews it back together, saving hours), but actually costs $20 more than the complete editing suite that is Sony Vegas. Does not having to re-code result in better quality videos? I don't know! I need moar days off surfing teh interweb to find out!!

Download about 40 high quality YouTube videos of The Dead Weather using Orbit Downloader (my fave, although friends swear by the more versatile Bit Recorder) so fast that I haven't actually seen them all. Need moar days off to watch what I've actually captured!

I saw my stockbroker today. He's about 20 yrs old, maybe less, still in the first-good-suit phase of life. I was there to ask him about investing for the future. He showed me the way around his firm's excellent website, all actually working and stuff, with no 404s or Flash intros and no-stylesheet comic sans pages with marching ants. Great site. Technically I could just go from there and plan my retirement. And when I do retire, I'll be able to spend moar time on teh internets!

Ooh, Sony's Vegas is 94% percent through rendering my video. Gotta go.

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