Friday, July 24, 2009

The Vault unearths a new gem - Me!

I'm talking a lot about The Dead Weather and their label's subscription Time Sink service, The Vault. I was going to shut up for a while, except today Thevault (pronounced Tivo, our affectionate name for it) put up videos of The Dead Weather's show at the Roxy in LA on June 17th. I was there. Which means I'm in the videos.

Here's me.

I'm the left-mostest person. I'd gone to gaze at LJ, but the entire audience (including me) is staring at Baby Ruthless. It was impossible to take your eyes off her. Even though Jimmy Page was somewhere up at the back (which is where the band is looking).

Now, I'm sure someone is thinking, if Lyle is in the video, that means she'll rip it and put it up here. Well, no. I have a vested interest in Jack White making money on this venture so I can continue to get great videos on a regular basis. I'm not going to do anything to mess with the business model. You can join for $7 a month.

And anyway, this one is already gifted out. The show will be on MTV this weekend, it says here. That I'm happy to tell you. Alas, Thevault did not give a time. But - here's the secret - once it's been on MTV, it'll be on YouTube within two hours. I'll post it then.

Thanks to O'gal who saw me before I did.

Edit: That didn't take long. Here's the videos (featuring: Me!)

Cut Like a Buffalo

Hang You From the Heavens

Treat Me Like Your Mother

Will There Be Enough Water

Bone House

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