Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dead Weather in Auckland

The Dead Weather are touring again - in New Zealand and Australia. It's summer there. Perhaps they fancied a bit of sun? No, that can't be right - I have an interview with them at Glastonbury or somewhere blinking in the sunlight like naked mole rats and Jack White says, "Do we look like sun people to you?"

Videos are creeping in already, but so far I haven't seen anything on the new songs from the upcoming album Sea of Cowards, which is due out at the end of April. Please tape the new songs, Australian people! I'd love to see them. (I know Jack White doesn't want me to and would prefer me to wait, but hey, you go your way and I'll go mine.)

I see Alison is still wearing what a friend of mine calls The Amazing Disintegrating T Shirt. (I think she has a team of groupies who pick at it all night long while she sleeps; my friend thinks she does it herself. But where would she find the time?) Dean is looking good and Jack has a new picture on his drum head. Same backdrop, though. Can't actually see or hear what LJ is up to on this video but I'm sure he's his fierce self over there.

[Video link died]

Thanks, taper/uploader Pinksta who says, "This show is incredible and if you miss it you ll literally kick your self in the head!!!!"

Which I'd like to be able to do. Not actually do it, of course, but be flexible enough to do it.

Roll on April and Las Vegas.


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

I thought you were going to see TDW in Tulsa on your Bday.


Peromyscus said...

Nope, Oklahoma is unknown territory to me - I'd have to fly to a city I've never been to whose main attractions seem to be the zoo and a wooden roller coaster. On the other hand, Las Vegas is driveable, I know the city and it's impossible not to have fun there. Also Them Crooked Vultures are playing a couple of days earlier and I have tickets to that too. Frat boy rock rocks!

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Guess you are right going somewhere new does take time out of the schedule. A couple of years back I did what was literally a 48hour tour on business from the UK to the US Mid West. Left North east England late afternoon Wednesday flew to Minneapolis / St Paul, caught another flight to St Louis another flight to Little Rock, Arkansas. Arriving 02:00 Thursday. Spent the day being driven around Little Rock / Hot Springs. Caught early morning flight to Memphis (Great Elvis tee shirts in airport), back to Minneapolis and hence back to UK. Arrived home late Friday. It took me 2 weeks to recover!!!!


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