Thursday, March 25, 2010

More internet surfing brings more results

Last night Jack kept us all entertained by posting on his blog a few negative comments from a fansite about himself, thus proving he reads the messageboards and setting off the nattering nabobs of negativity there who hang out and diss the person they are supposedly supporting. Now they are all sad because they no longer feel free to act themselves. I say the usual rule applies - if you want to say something you wouldn't say to somebody's face you really shouldn't ought to put it on the internet.

Having said that I might go back and shove a few of my own comments here down the memory hole.

It all started with this piece in gigwise, where the blogger felt it was incumbent upon him to order Jack to do things differently because "necessity calls for" it. You can see Jack paid him a visit too, in the comments section. No idea if it's really him but it has his style. The messageboards had a me-too! moment, posted the article and agreed with it. So Jack C&P'd it and put on his blog. It's gone now.

Then tonight as I was trawling the interwebs Jack himself popped up in a chatroom and chatted for an hour or so. He answered the question I asked him, which of course now means I won't wash my screen for a month. Suffice to say it probably wasn't what you'd think I'd ask. Someone asked him what brand of toothpaste he used and got a little bit of poetry in reply.

brushing with jack daniels my teeth on a rag
side car brush with death on a wooden plank for a bag
over and over wiping the bones

Then he talked about how weird bats were for a few minutes and left.

Luckily I happened to have a relevant picture to illustrate this strange moment.

Courtesy of Doc 40.

I'll try to think of someone else to talk about next time. For instance one of my local Borders books has a signing by Karl Rove. I wonder what would happen if I turned up and was as threatening as the right wingers are being to democratic congresspersons? Ans: I would be arrested.


KaliDurga said...

Well, that's it. I can just never leave my computer because it seems that as soon as I do Jack pops up on ModBlast. That's twice I've missed him in the past week.

I do love what he put up in place of that blog. May I just say, he fascinates the hell out of me?

Peromyscus said...

Yes, the orchid and "the power of words". And the words weren't his own. Very clever.

KaliDurga said...

Though apparently he first included apropos lyrics from Blue Orchid then edited it to remove them.

He certainly knows how to keep us goin'.


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