Saturday, March 20, 2010

Me, my haircut, horses and Die By The Drop

I got my hair done yesterday. My hair stylist is a JW fan so we spent the whole time talking about his bands. Since I turned her on to The Dead Weather last year she's dived into ye olde backe cataloggue and is now a Kills freak as well, with a serious crush on Alison Mosshart. (Actually I could tell that when I walked in by what she was wearing and how she'd styled her hair. True.) I think every woman I've met who sees AM ends up in love with her. (Oh, except one who wants to kick her ass, but I think she has Alison mixed up with Baby Ruthless.)

My haircut must be working. Afterwards I went to Ralphs and got carded when I tried to buy some liquor. I think the checkout lady was joking, but it made my day anyway.

She asked me what day I was born on - the computer must display it for her when she keys in the date of birth from the license. Apparently kids get caught when they have fake ID because they haven't calculated their day of birth - although as far as I know you're not legally obligated to remember your day of birth. Perhaps it just flummoxes them enough that they don't push their luck. Never having been underage in this country I didn't know that...if you are underage please forget I mentioned it as lord knows I'd never encourage anyone to drink of the Electric Soup. Nosirree.

It's quiet. Today is the Swallows Day Parade and so cars are not allowed in San Juan Capistrano. Makes an unbelievable difference to the ambient sound. My keystrokes sound like thunder.

At least one new Dead Weather song has surfaced from the Melbourne gig. It's Die By The Drop. I won't embed it because you know it's an unreleased song and everything. If like me you can't wait, it's here. Sounds great and I can't wait for next month and the Vegas show. Oh, I already said that.

My hairstylist yesterday was already wearing a holster with a pistol (and the others were wearing cowboy hats and leather vests), and I guess she'll be in the parade. Time to get off my blogger's ass and out to watch them all, I suppose.


KaliDurga said...

How apropo. I finally picked up a copy of Horehound today to listen to the whole thing. I've always had a prejudice against female vocalists, so the only tracks I had iTune'd were the one's Jack sings on (except Rocking Horse, I somehow missed that one). Silly me. I had to swallow my prejudice and admit that Alison's damned good. And I love her lyrics.

Kind of doubt I'll develop a crush on her, though. I don't think that could happen as long as Jack's around.

Enjoy the quiet while it lasts...

Peromyscus said...

Have a crush on both of them, I do. Saves time and, when you think about it, cash as there's only one batch of vinyl (plus the thirty or so variants) to buy for the both of them.

I never liked female voices in rock, either, but Alison is spellbinding. Have you listened to The Kills?

KaliDurga said...

Nope, haven't gotten that far yet. I possibly will eventually, but I tend to be very monogamous in my musical infatuations so it might take a while.

If and when I get to that point, which of their albums would be good to start with? Or are there any particular tunes I should look for on YouTube?

Juli Page Morgan said...

Actually, I'd be afraid to kick her ass. As a card-carrying wuss, I'd probably just try to trip her. But you're right; it's Baby Ruthless I don't like. Haven't seen enough non-BR Allison to really know what she's like. I still like the music, though. I just steer clear of the videos and rock out.

KaliDurga said...

Ok, so what's the Baby Ruthless thing? A name for Alison's stage persona? Did she nick it from Whip It?

I actually get a kick out of watching her crack up at Jack in interviews, 'cause I'd be doing the same thing. For all the sexified prowling on-stage, she comes across as somewhat shy and even borderline dorky in interviews, which is pretty cool.

Peromyscus said...

Crap, Outlook decided to start throwing the notifications about comments from Blogger into the junk file, so I didn't know people were replying.

Hi Juli Page!

Kali Durga, I'd start with the Kills' Keep On Your Mean Side, but frankly all three sound great. It's probably easier to chat on Little Room so I'll send you a PM there.

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

They miss the point that Baby Ruthless is something that stalks your dreams and your nightmares, when I saw her she was the best and worst things about rock. She stalked the stage, going head to head with Jack and Dean and didn't give a toss about what was happening in front of the stage, she just wanted to perform, stroking, purring, climbing, she never looked at the audience.

Long live BR


Peromyscus said...

She looked at individuals in the audience at the Roxy show. I haven't seen her do that so much elsewhere, though at the Mayan she stood on the monitors and leaned on the speaker stack and looked at the audience in general with the same sort of look on her face that people have when they watch the things uncovered when you turn over a rock.

They really did seem a little nervous at the Roxy. They were very new, there were video cameras, and Jimmy Page was there but otherwise I don't know why. Of course you can't see any nerves on the film of the night, but you can tell the audience is acting all cool, Hollywood you know, which might be why BR came out looking like a prizefighter and glared at, and in some cases touched, various audience members.

Peromyscus said...

Oh, and there's the show where she ate the punter's camera. Can't say she didn't interact with this audience.


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