Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Fyootcher revisited

Oh, come on Las Vegas!

Not everyone wants to have Facebook authenticating their ID, as Facebook is completely incontinent with personal data. Pretending that folks would prefer to sign in with Facebook rather than yourselves, Open ID, or Google is just stupid.

I wanted to reply to something in one of your articles, but I'll just wait until tomorrow and phone you up, since you give a phone number on your site.

Las Vegas Weekly 2360 Corporate Circle Drive Fourth Floor Henderson,
NV 89074
(702) 990-2550

Perhaps my alter ego Barry Bollocks should get a Facebook account just for events like this? If I signed him up, who would friend, I mean like, Barry Bollocks? I'm sure my other alter ego Miss Demeanour would. Anyone else? All in favor say aye!


I have a number of friends who believe that the world is being forcibly moved away from a cash economy to a credit economy. Some of them believe this is to hide the essential fact that non-gold-backed dollars are worthless. Some of them believe that it's to hide that, plus the antichrist requires everyone to carry the mark of the beast in their hand before they can trade. Some think it's because it's important to Big Brother that they can track all purchases (but don't worry - if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide, right?). Boing Boing reports on a tale of a disabled woman on a fixed income who managed to save enough cash to buy an iPad.

Except you can't buy an iPad for cash, because Apple says so.

I suspect that William Gibson's cyberpunk future - which is about thirty years late at this point - is about to fall with a clang. We should get ready to barter our skills or our wares, because greenbacks will not be accepted (and in many arenas, like during flights, already aren't). And credit is ephemeral, if not imaginary. Disabled people will not be the only folks refused credit cards, you can be quite sure.

On a recent bout of flying, American Airlines told me twice that since May 1, only credit cards would be accepted (even for things like $2 headphones and $8 pillows (because, yes, now they charge for pillows). On the third flight, I was on a small plane, an American Eagle, which explained as how they could never accept credit cards. Cash only. On the fourth flight, after the spiel about credit cards only, being confused I tried to tender cash for a miniature bottle of wine. "Credit card only," the stewardess (or whatever they're called) warned me sternly. I explained about the previous flight. "Apparently American Eagle only accept cash," she said, in partial shock, to the other juice jockey. He shrugged.

Corporate's the same everywhere, isn't it? Mine too.

Welcome to the fyootcher.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect you'll be kept of off web 3.0 unless you have two years history in whichever identity you have - and probably facebook.


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